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Dec 1, 2012 4:15pm EST
writer and new book, "the oath," is second on the supreme court. i just finished reading it, and jeff does a marvelous job of shifting back and forth between then court, the people, and doctrine. i read a "new york times" review talks about that emphasis on personalities as well as opinions. so, d. >> let me talk about the supreme court by the numbers. there are six men and three women. first time in history, three women on the court. six catholics and three jews. first time in history there are no president cities -- protestants. there are representatives from the new york city burrows, one from queens, ruth ginsburg from -- tragically staten island is unrepresented. so those are some facts about the supreme court which i home are interesting. here's a fact about the supreme court that's important. there are five republicans and four democrats. the supreme court to me, anyway, is most important as a political institution that renders largely political judgments about the issues that come before it. i don't say that as criticism. i often, in forums like this -- why do they have to do
Dec 1, 2012 5:30pm EST
and government" and the reckoning that lies ahead. jeff in santa fe, calif. you are on booktv. please go lead with your question. >> caller: earlier you talk about our international institutions are week that need to be made stronger to properly govern multinational corporations. given that nations around the world are in different phases coupled with the greatest different culture, how would you go about stressing these institutions? it could take a long time for the national institutions. thank you. >> it will take a long period of time. in most countries are round world talking about strengthening international institutions is the third rail in politics. if you want to see a little sovereignty of ford and you are out of business. if we don't see sovereignty upward we don't preserve national sovereignty or national interests. the reason superstorm sandy cause such damage in the northeast of the united states was not exclusively related to environmental policies and actions taken in the united states of america. .. and the course of civilization and the history of civilization and taking gov
Dec 22, 2012 8:00am EST
, the renaissance man, jeff the symbol -- jefferson, the symbol, you know, secessionists wanted a piece of him in the run-up to the civil war, frank lib roosevelt -- franklin roosevelt wanted him in the runup to world war ii. he can be used in any way you need partly because he was so articulate and so prolific. 20,000 or more letters, brilliantly written, wonderfully eloquent. so what can we make of him? this is, this ises the man, the human being we have, you know, and that's what i always want to get to. answering president kennedy's question, what was he like. in the service of trying to figure this out, i asked for and was granted permission to sleep in jefferson's bedroom one night on a pallet on the floor, i hasten to add. [laughter] and wanted to hear how the clock sounded. jefferson always said he woke when he could start to make out the hands of the clock. and the sun had not caught me in belled in more than 40 years. and i -- in bed in more than 40 years. as dean acheson once said, no one comes out second best in their memoir, whether that was actually true. [laughter] a brilliant p
Dec 23, 2012 11:00am EST
mcmillan wrote was jeff is a mischief. how can this that man with his big eyes and lips flow of talk really be ahead, the bizarre of all these millions of people of this vast country? khrushchev seemed to be equal parts bluster and insecure. to his son, sergei, he was worried he was not properly dressed for dinner at the summit, and the plane he flew into geneva was smaller than the planes of the western leader. chris job like to brag and threaten. he like to wag his finger at the west saying we will bury you. he wanted to test the west. the testing price, flashpoint was berlin, the former german capital, over 100 miles inside time in his east germany but was still a free city protected by the western powers. in november 1958, khrushchev delivered an ultimatum. the west had to be out of berlin and six months, or else. this is a crisis, the greatest crisis of the cold war up to that point. the press, congress and much of the eisenhower administration this men were. we need to show resolve, it was said, to beef up our troop strength and get ready to divide the red army. meeting private
Dec 25, 2012 10:45pm EST
they did do their homework. how did they possibly get anything done? i want to agree with what jeff toobin had to say about the politics of it and expand a little bit on what he had to say not just the politics among the justices which are crucial and endlessly fascinating the politics among the clerks and between the clerks from different chambers and the justices that's what interests me to ring it is a small working groups of individuals that are dealing with the biggest political issues of the day, and so when i do research on the clerk's what i find is that the clerks are i think influential in this process and i know it's controversial to say so, but if you look at the process of a holistic way, but you find is that clerks are -- in fact they are required to give their opinions on the matters that are being decided by the court and potentially decided by the court. the lobby their justices and they must say we should take this case or we should not take this case and not just in terms of the law but whether it is a good time to take the case publicly because of the presidential elect
Dec 24, 2012 1:30pm EST
is -- is this on? >> my name is jeff schrader and i work for the natural gas industry. i would like to address the water issue and then a quick question on the wealth that uses about the same amount of water on the golf course in about three weeks with that energy we are producing a lot more natural gas that's creating a tremendous amount of jobs in this country and bringing manufacturing back. so, it kind of goes back to what you're saying on the trade-off and the other factors. i did have a question that you mentioned on corn ethanol that creates are other ethanol creative from nitrous oxide? >> i don't know about that. i do know there are other biofuels that have, and one of them ironically enough is the genetically modified algae which is able to take carbon dioxide and convert it into fatty acids which is the soul, by yo de seÓul so there are other -- don't lump all of the biofuels together because they are not all the same converting corn into ethanol seems to be a bad idea there are other biofuels that may have potential. >> am i terse oxide is the least of the problems of you look at
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)